Are there health risks/benifits?

Are there health risks/benifits?

I am in no way a medical professional, but here is the most relevant information I have gathered so far. The EFC (Electronic Cigarette Forum) recently released:

 “Current official medical opinion is that use of e-cigarettes is ‘less harmful than smoking’. This description is now permitted for example by the medical authorities in the UK, because it would be impossible to legally defend a position that ecigarette use is as harmful as smoking – since there is nothing harmful in the ingredients*, and all the senior medical figures who have carried out research on e-cigarettes have stated that in their opinion there is a 99% reduction in risk or more compared with smoking.
* Of course there are various compounds such as carcinogens and contaminants, in trace amounts that are, in the words of one of the professors who have examined this aspect, “Millions of times lower than can conceivably be harmful to health”. The presence of such materials in parts per billion or parts per trillion is not of any significance. Even low parts per million is not significant to health, otherwise modern food and city air would quickly be lethal.

It takes the health community a long time to recognize that if the six or seven professors of medicine who are the world’s acknowledged experts in this area say the risk is 1% or less that of smoking, then they are probably right.”


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