E-cigarettes Were My Golden Ticket

16 May

ImageI started smoking when I was 18 years old—I guess what happens in Germany doesn’t necessarily stay in Germany. I became a closet smoker and remained one for about 13 years. I had to keep it in the closet because I ran with crowds who would severely thumb their noses at me–even abandon me–if they knew. You see I am a “good girl.” I attend church and worked with children, I ran leadership programs at work for teenagers on probation, I’m generally healthy, and I have a husband and two beautiful children. But when no one was looking, I was taking deep drags off my Marlboro like my life depended on it.

 Leading a double life was hard. I could never, under and circumstances allow my smoking life and my non-smoking life to cross paths. It was exhausting. My husband and I had tried to quit many times, but nothing was working; and we couldn’t ask for help from people who didn’t even know there was a problem. I was almost ready to resign myself to a pathetic life of hiding and slowly dying in the shadows with my cigarette.

 Then one day, my brother Kevin came to my house and asked “Are you still smoking? I thought I smelled a hint of smoke in the garage last time I was here.” Kevin was one of the few members of my family who knew I smoked. I confessed that we were still smoking. “I want you guys to try this—it’s what I used to quit. I guarantee you’ll be able to quit if you use it.” I was intrigued, so I listened.

 What he showed me was an electronic cigarette; specifically a Joyetech Ego T. He told me he had started a company called Cigtronix ( and had been selling them for almost aImage year. At first I laughed. Me, smoking one of those dorky things—ridiculous! But I tried it. . .and was amazed!

 That’s how I was introduced to the world of e-cigs. I started using that little device and never looked back—that was almost a year ago. I haven’t picked up a cigarette since I picked up that Joyetech, in fact, I haven’t even wanted to. I am completely and shamelessly a believer.

 To those who are thinking about quitting, stop thinking and start quitting! This is the way to go. To all my fellow quitters, VAPE ON!


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2 responses to “E-cigarettes Were My Golden Ticket

  1. ecigsrule

    June 3, 2012 at 11:13 pm

    Reblogged this on E Cigs Rule! and commented:
    Great story… It a shame you started smoking so young, but thank goodness you found electronic cigarettes!!! 🙂

  2. Flame Girl

    June 5, 2012 at 4:13 pm

    Yeah, thank goodness! And thanks for the re-post. : )


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